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Rug Cleaning

Exceeding Expectations

Rug weaver weaving a rug on a loom.

First Step

Before starting the cleaning process, we examine your rug for proper fiber identification (cotton, wool, silk, among other types). This is an important step to make sure your rug is washed with the proper cleaning agents and care.

Hand wash the carpet. Carpet washing man

Second Step

After identifying the appropriate cleaning service needed, we apply a perfectly pH-balanced special detergent made exclusively for Handmade Rugs and agitate the fibers with proper attention and care.

Traditional outside summer rug washing.

Third Step

After the rug has been fully scrubbed, we rinse it thoroughly and squeegee the excess water out. Depending on how soiled the rug is, this process will be repeated as needed. When the water comes out clean, we go to the next step.

Carpets hanging to dry after being washed.

Final Step

The final step is the drying process. First we make sure all excess water has been removed from the rug, and then we hang it up to dry.

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