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In the Heart of Historic Occoquan

The largest selection of Oriental rugs available in Historic Occoquan can be found on a secluded section of Mill Street not far from the foot bridge across the Occoquan River.


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  • 407 Mill Street, Occoquan, VA 22125


Oriental Rugs

The taste and artistic creation of every people originate and draw their inspiration from traditions and events which have marked their historical evolution and also stem from their natural habitat. Among all the arts which through the centuries have reached their peak in the Iranian region, and in which the Persian artist’s skill and taste have found great manifestation, there is the art of weaving carpets.


The hand-made Oriental rug is not simply a work of art, but a journey in time and space to an ancient realm of beauty and mystical charm.  No other art form bridges so many centuries, spans so many cultures, and captivates so many people as that of the Oriental rug.  The Persian’s decorative patterns and designs have been imitated in many other countries, such as Pakistan, India, and China.  However, there remains an absolute truth: the beauty, delicacy, and equilibrium between line, color and resistance of the Persian carpet cannot be found among the woven carpets of any other nation.  And this is a universally known affirmation.


In the Orient, the art of traditional rug weaving is taught to children at a very early age (generally between the ages of five and seven).  This is not done with a view to exploit child labor, but is considered to be a part of the essential education of any child –just as in the West many children are encouraged to learn a musical instrument or to take an interest in ballet or painting.  This life-enhancing object in view, the young Persian mind is exposed to all facets of rug making: its historical background, the elementary techniques of knotting, the appreciation of subtle blends of color, the power and balance of visual design, the symbolism inherent in the motifs used and the unending patience needed.


As the art of rug weaving is slowly dying, a practical guide on the care of rugs is needed now more than ever before.  Fewer and fewer rugs are available, and those that are deserve the same respect and attention given to any work of art.  Correct care and maintenance will keep a rug in good condition, lengthen its useful life, assure its increasing investment value and enable it to be enjoyed and used by generations to come.





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